A Community Church with a Family Focus
Evangel Baptist Church
Thursday, September 29, 2016
A Community Church with a Family Focus


Cubbies is a two year weekly club program for preschoolers and their parents.  The Cubbies program brings out the best in parent-child relationships by providing opportunities for parents to spiritually nurture their children.  By participating with your child in Cubbies, you will take a positive step that will help your preschooler develop strong spiritual foundations and impact him or her for life. 

Cubbies is a positive, fun environment where preschoolers learn and grow.  Each weekly meeting includes carefully planned club activities your child will love.

Because we are not a babysitting service, the Cubbies program is only open to those children whose parents are either helping in another area of AWANA or attending the adult Bible Study/Prayer Meeting.

Cubbies Motto:   Jesus Loves Me.

Cubbies Verse:   I John 4:10 - ...God...loved us and sent His Son...

Cubbies Theme Song:   

We are Awana Cubbies, we're happy all day long.

We know that Jesus loves us!  That's why we sing this song.

We hop because we're happy and we jump and shout for joy.

For Jesus is a friend to us.  He loves each girl and boy.

Director: Carrie Baumgardner

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